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MINDS UP© is a software application built to take care of the five tenets of the daily life of a young person that is Movement,

  • Health,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Socialization
  • Education’

Advantage of MINDS UP©

  • creates demand and access to HIV, TB and SRH information
  • Brings close services for young people especially young men and women living with HIV.
  • MINDS UP© maps health facilities that provide youth friendly services
  • informs whether the service is free or at a cost
  • Provides the physical location of these centresnear the person using the app.

Advantage of MINDS UP©

  • Offers a chat platform to discuss issues around HIV and SRH through
  • You can “talk to the counselor” or “ask a doctor”. Here you send your question, which is assigned to a counselor or doctor from a pool of volunteer counselors and doctors with their answers/response being sent directly to your inbox
  • ensuring confidentially. The volunteer counselors or doctors (virtual counselors/doctors or counselors and doctors without borders) can be located in any part of the world and are linked through the app.
  • All services on Minds up are free of charge to all young people of Africa, on all smart phones and ordinary phones with basic information on request.

What App does (Cool Features)

  • Critical and life-saving information for vital HIV, TB and SRH information.
  • Self-health management everywhere you go (medication reminders, appointment reminders,
  • information you need or find a health facility).
  • Introducing the Virtual Counselor and Doctor (Talk to the Counselor or Ask the Doctor on medical and
  • general health challenges
  • A Youth Centre wherever you go for socialization and consultation with friends and doctors
  • Real-time Conference support (online and virtual participation -bringing millions of young people to
  • the decision-making tables at international conferences & meetings).
  • Stylish and Trendy: MINDS UP© allows users (young people) to simultaneously play music and videos while navigating and accessing all the services on the app.

Resources requirements/ gaps

  • Establish a MINDS© ICT centre/facility to manage/ensure the app is available to all young people in Africa and beyond. The international centre requires
  • cloud and back-up servers to manage the app traffic and high speed internet to power the app.
  • Adequate office space and top-notch equipment are also required;
  • Information hubs in countries hosted by national networks of young people living with HIV (so that the app reflects the info generated/reviewed by YPLHIV to ensure, they receive the info they need;
  • Hire the best experts/human resource to build the app we envision;
  • Map out the physical locations of the services into the app;
  • Integrating physical locations



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