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Peer To Zero (P2Z)
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Peer To Zero (P2Z) consortia formed by PATA (network of clinics) and AY+(network of young positives who are represented on country level YPLHIV network structures) seeks to provide core support to the building, strengthening and functioning of the consortia and of its represented networks, whilst collaboratively undertakes a series of joint activities aimed at improving access, adherence and retention in HIV treatment and care for ALHIV.

This will be done through building on existing networks and an existing PATA Peer Supporter programme. The consortia will build the capacity and leadership of young positives through peer interventions. ALHIV will be supported in harnessing their own voice, liaising between the clinic and community whilst facilitating effective and meaningful participation of ALHIV in the planning, implementation and continual evaluation of services that impact them.
The programme will demonstrate an innovative model of harnessing the lived expertise of ALHIV and YPLHIV as community health workers within a clinic and community setting, in order to improve access to quality HIV care while providing YPLHIV themselves skills and opportunities to secure training and improve their own health, livelihood and wellbeing. Focusing on peer interventions will provide an impetus for child and adolescent friendly focussed activities and services and will allow YPLHIV to actively advocate for and inform adolescent HIV programming.

Peer Supporters and ALHIV will be linked to existing district and national networks of YLHIV and will be assisted to become active members in such national country level networks and AY+ structures. The programme will also support the formation of a Peer Support network/forum, providing an opportunity for ALHIV Peer Supporters to meet, network, share lessons and be provided advocacy and leadership training and mentoring. The programme will be underpinned by strengthened engagement and sensitization of frontline health workers to better support and create an enabling environment for the meaningful participation of YPLHIV and the implementation of AFS. A strengthened monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and operational research component will effectively build new evidence around facility based peer interventions models that are underpinned by the GIPA principles. Promising practises, case studies and lessons will be disseminated widely at consortia meetings, PATA Summits, YPLHIV county meetings and through supportive communication and advocacy strategies.

PATA’s entry point is building service level connection, building the leadership and advocacy capacity of Peer Supporters to organise and advocate at a facility, district and national level through the establishment of a Peer Supporter Forum (PSF). This builds new leadership capacity in YPLHIV networks. The PSF mobilize and strengthen one particular YPLHIV interest group that is best placed to raise service level issues and ensure that these are raised at country level networks, civil society pressure groups , County Coordinating mechanisms, National AIDS Commissions, Ministries of Health and global platforms etc. It is envisaged that the leadership that emerges within the PSF will feed into and strengthen the leadership of country level networks of YPLHIV and will contribute to the overall strengthening and succession planning of young positive leaders in sub-Saharan Africa. YPLHIV networks in turn can provide support and TA for the PSF and PS, also offering a potential NGO home peer supporter programme models into the future.

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