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Our work
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The AY+ is currently working in 23 countries within Africa with supported by UNFPA, UNAIDS and IPPF with guidance of the Y+ Advisory Group. We mobilize YPLHIV and partners across the region and beyond to support sustainable community development interventions for and by young men and women especially those living with HIV where they are equipped with appropriate tools and support to drive their own agendas and actively contribute to the MDGs.

Governance and Management

AY+ has four organs that are responsible for its governance and management and these include the AY+ Gener-al Assembly, the AY+ Advisory Group, the AY+ Steering Committee and the AY+ Secretariat.


AY+ General Assembly
The AY+ General Assembly is the governing organ and is composed of national networks or organizations of young people living with HIV in Africa. The AY+ General Assembly meets biennially (once every two years) as a side event alongside the International Conference of AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA).

The General Assembly is responsible for considering policies, standards and reports. The General Assembly also elects the members of the AY+ Steering Committee and confirms the members of the AY+ Advisory Group.The next General Assembly will be held in December 2013 in South Africa alongside ICASA 2013.


AY+ Steering Committee
The AY+ Steering Committee is the executive organ and is composed of seven young people living with HIV elected by the AY+ General Assembly. The interim AY+ Steering Committee members are Annah Sithembinkosi Sango (Zimbabwe), Phindile Andile Nhleko (Swaziland), Kisitu Nuru (Uganda), Helen Amakela (Namibia), Oye-lakin Taiwo (Nigeria) and Gasamagera Claire (Rwanda).

The AY+ Steering Committee is mainly a virtual (online) networking group but the Committee is expected to physically meet at least twice a year. The Steering Committee acts on behalf of the AY+ General Assembly be-tween its meetings to give effect to its decisions, recommendations and policies. The Committee promotes AY+ throughout the region and the world representing it at regional and international conferences and approves the annual budget and financial statements of the AY+ Secretariat.


AY+ Advisory Group
The AY+ Advisory Group is made up of five members with diverse experience and expertise in communication, programming, leadership and advocacy for young people. The current members of the Advisory Group who have volunteered the invaluable time and expertise for the cause of young people are Morolake Odetoyinbo - Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Positive Action for Treatment Access (PATA); Tita Isaac – Regional Coordinator for NAP+ Central African Region; Lucy Chesire - The Executive Director of TB ACTION Group; Vanessa Mdee - VJ | TAR | MTV Networks Africa; and Raoul Fransen - International Civil Society Support on HIV. The Advisory Group supports AY+ through the Secretariat in the development and implementation of the AY+ strategy and in ensuring that the priorities highlighted by the community of YPLHIV remain the priorities of the network; and guarantee that AY+ programmes remains accountable to YPLHIV. The AY+ Secretariat and the Advisory Group collaborate with a variety of partners recognizing the need for a multi-stakeholder approach to addressing the needs of YPLHIV.


AY+ Secretariat

The AY+ coordination office (Secretariat) is in Uganda hosted by the Uganda National Network of Young People Living with HIV (UNYPA) and is headed by the Regional Coordinator as its Chief Administrative Officer. The current Regional Coordination is Paddy Masembe who is supported closely by Moses Engadu, the Executive Director of UNYPA together with other key staff of UNYPA.

The AY+ Secretariat assists the General Assembly, the Steering Committee and Advisory Group in the fulfillment of their functions to make preparations of their meetings and to provide the necessary services for the implementation of their decisions. The Secretariat is responsible for the organization of AY+ events and maintains relations with regional and international organizations whose activities are concerned inter alia with YPLHIV and youth

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